Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nemith Auto Provides Great Customer Service

I strongly recommend Nemith to anyone interested in buying a car.

I just completed the purchase of a 2009 Lincoln MKS from Dave Seacord at Nemith Nissan-Volvo-Lincoln-Mercury in Latham. And it was the best car buying experience I have ever had!! I strongly recommend that you go visit Dave when you are shopping for a newer car!

Dave was very knowledgeable about the different cars on the lot and he was experienced enough to be able to tell what I really wanted before I even knew. If you asked me before if I would buy a Lincoln, I would've told you that Lincoln's are old men cars but now I know they are NOT!

Laura found an older Nissan Altima listed on and my appointment was to test-drive the Altima. During the test drive, I found that the Altima just didn't have enough power for me. It couldn't handle the curves as fast as I wanted and I slid out the backend a couple of times braking around the corners. This was definitely not the car for me. After that Dave showed me a Volvo S80 which looked very promising but then he said "If you like the Volvo and it's in your price range, then I've got something else to show you." He took Laura and I over to see the Lincoln MKS and it was love at first sight.

So we took it for a drive and that was it - I was hooked! I had to have this car. He gave me an extremely fair price and such a great price for my trade-in that I didn't even bother shopping around. This was Saturday. Even though the dealership closed at 5 p.m., Dave and I were still communicating by cell phone which shows his dedication to his clients. The negotiation process was very low-pressure, easy to handle. I've never negotiated for a newer car so this was my first time. He came in below the window price but I needed him to do a little better. I asked once and he came back with an extremely reasonable offer in the middle.

After that, it was time to meet with the finance guy to finish up the paperwork. The last time I met with a finance person, it was a very uncomfortable situation. She pushed hard for me to buy add-ons, such as DVD player, windshield coating, extended warranty. She wouldn't take no for an answer and it completely ruined the experience for me which is why I didn't return to that particular dealer.

The finance person at Nemith was Bob and he was as great as Dave was. He was thorough and fast. He asked me if I understood everything I was buying. He also asked me if there was anything that was promised to me that I didn't have yet (there wasn't). For those of you in the know, he was also wearing two silly bands!! That was a great conversation starter.

I strongly recommend Nemith to anyone interested in buying a car.

Dave's phone number is 518-937-2840