Thursday, December 2, 2010

How did you hear about us?

The world of philanthropy has been something that the wealthy and socially elite have practiced for many years. The layperson or those who simply were not aware of the many different social causes were not active participants. Currently fund raising is $23,000,000,000 business and some of that may be attributed to the introduction of technology and its capabilities in aiding social causes and those who head the events that promote those causes. A whole new world, or rather "virtual world" has evolved and now a greater number of individuals are able to easily be reached through various social networks and websites.

"Grass root" fund raisers to well known non-profit organizations have benefited from this technology exponentially. Social networks such as facebook and MySpace have brought awareness to individual and community events simply by spreading information through a network of friends and relatives. Larger organizations have utilized website enhancement agencies, such as "Tork", to increase their level of visiblity and have ultimately gained more contributory attention due to the ability to make a charitable contribution with just a few clicks. These new capabilities has changed the face of altruism and have made it a more widely practiced activity within our societies. How can that be a bad thing? There will always be someone in need so why not utilize the most effective and effortless techniques available to help them. So I ask again...How did you hear about us?

Guest Blog Author: Dorothy Gotte