Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Golf CNY - Golf Central New York

Golf CNY was developed as a directory for visitors looking for golf courses in Central New York.

There is also opportunity to make money from this website using Google AdSense, Amazon Ads and hotel options. This website was created for a competition to see who could make the most money on a $25 budget. Because we were able to sign a sponsor, Golf Unlimited, and I was able to do the development, we won the competition.

I'm now using this website to show how Google Analytics (GA) can help you determine the right width of your design. According to GA, only 6.61% of my visitors are using 800x600 screen resolution. The best way to determine the most appropriate width of your website design is to install analytics and watch your visitors for one month or 1,000 unique visits, whichever comes first. Then check the statistics for your visitors resolutions to determine which way to go with your new website design.

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