Friday, September 5, 2008

The Misconception of SEO and Appearing on the First Page of Google

Is there a misconception of search engine optimization (seo) and appearing on the first page of Google? For those of you that don't know, I have a best friend named Denise Valdes. She asked me, "How do you make someone's name come up on the first page of Google?"

#1 - Value
#2 - Social Networking
#3 - Search engine optimization is not rocket science; it's labor-intensive and you have to be able to follow the directions. Google's Webmaster Tools is a great place to start.
#4 - Content
#5 - Link Building


Vomail said...

Interesting! There are people who misunderstand these techniques and services. When I took help of facebook ads campaign management, I got to know that this is a very effective service but takes a bit longer than other services. Therefore, a person must be patient enough in order to get good results.

Andersonfrank said...

Return on Ad Spend, or ROAS for short, is the average conversion value you receive in return for every dollar you spend on your ads. The Target ROAS Bidding
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