Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thank You Page Dos and Don'ts

E-commerce websites should all have a thank-you page which is the last page your online shoppers see after they place an order on your website. What is important to include or not include on this page?


      Do provide a confirmation of the order.

      Do give customers another chance to review their order to possible spot errors before it is delivered.

      Do give customers the opportunity to sign up for your newsletters, follow you on Twitter, and fan your Facebook page.

      Do provide a reference number for the order.

      Do list your contact information in case of problems.

      Do link to the tracking page for the order.


      Don’t use red fonts to make content stand out unless the customer made an error.

      Don’t use confusing language such as ‘delivery summary’ or ‘acknowledgement’. Make sure that it is clear that they have completed their purchase.

      Don’t post large security logos on your thank you page. The customer has already placed their order so they must not have been worried about the security of your website.

      Don’t be afraid to personalize the page. Thank you pages can sometimes seem too canned and stuffy but make sure you say the most important thing, thank you.

      Don’t try to squeeze too much information onto the page. Stick with what is important. Too much information can make it hard to find the important information.


Rae Arnold said...

Great tips. There's nothing more satisfying than finishing an order and feeling like the company is glad I gave them my business.

I hadn't thought about it, but great point about the security badges!

Laura Smith said...

Thanks Rae! Yeah it's very annoying when you aren't sure if your order went through and they actually appreciate it.