Monday, September 8, 2008

Link Building for SEO Purposes Includes Links from Relevant Resources

SEO link building can be tricky. Remember that quality is always better than quantity. Seobook has a great article on how to do proper seo link building. Here are a few of their tips:

  1. Build a "101 list". These get Dugg all the time, and often become "authority documents". People can't resist linking to these.

  2. Have an easily accessible privacy policy and about section so your site seems more trustworthy. Including a picture of yourself may also help build your authority.

  3. Depending on your category and offer, you will find Craigslist to be a cheap or free classified service.

  4. It is pretty easy to ask or answer questions on Yahoo! Answers and provide links to relevant resources.

  5. It is pretty easy to ask or answer questions on Google Groups and provide links to relevant resources.

  6. If you run a fairly reputable company, create a page about it in the Wikipedia or in topic specific wikis. If it is hard to list your site directly, try to add links to other pages that link to your site.

  7. Submit a story to Digg that links to an article on your site. You can also submit other content and have some of its link authority flow back to your profile page

  8. 30 Bad Ways to Build Links - this is worth reading!!


seo services said...

That's a great tips indeed...Another way of sharing knowledge and other people will be looking for it.

kandi111777 said...

Thanks for taking the time to read it! I appreciate the feedback and I checked out your website. It looks great and there is a ton of useful information.

todd.wolfe said...

These are great tips. One question though, what is a "101" list?

Another good place is to answer questions on social networking sites.

kandi111777 said...

Great point, Todd. LinkedIn is a perfect example. An example of a "101" list is "101 Link Building Tips to Market Your Website" offered on or "101 Great Posting Ideas That Will Make Your Blog Sizzle" offered by