Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Track SEO rankings with Google Analytics

From Yoast: Tweaking Websites

Some months ago I created a Google Analytics filter that enables you to track your Google rankings. I blogged about it on my own Dutch analytics blog and saw there was more interest in it then usual. Joost walked by and offered me to do a guest post on this subject. So here he goes:
Track SEO rankings?

Well, you can't specifically track the exact position of the keyword that was clicked like you can do with AdWords. But it is possible to determine the page he was on. A ranking tool can tell you over and over again that a certain keyword is around position 15 in Google while Google Analytics claims he is on page 1 (position 1 to 10). This effect can come from 'personalized search' or 'local results' that can influence the Google rankings dramatically. People see other results than you see with your ranking tools. And therefore you need Google Analytics to do the real ranking.
Setup the filter

To get the rankings in your Google Analytics reports you have to create a new filter:


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