Saturday, August 29, 2009

Free Speech Comes With Responsibility

Outed "Skanks of NYC" Blogger Plans to Sue Google for $15 Million

This was the title of an article that came out last week and it said some controversial things. Well I have some strong feelings about this.
Last week, a controversial court ruling forced Google to reveal the identity of a previously anonymous blogger, who had used the Internet as an outlet to trash a Canadian-born model named Liskula Cohen.
  1. If you use the Internet to attack one person (in this case Liskula Cohen), then it's personal. You've made it personal and that doesn't deserve to be anonymous.
The user behind the "Skanks of New York" website, which was hosted on Blogger, has since been revealed as Rosemary Port, a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology.
  1. Really! You wanted to be anonymous so you use a free account on Blogger! Why not purchase a domain for $9 and pay the $20 for it to be private. Did you really want to be anonymous?
Now, Port plans to sue Google to the tune of $15 million according to a report in The Daily News. At the heart of Port's argument: "When I was being defended by attorneys for Google, I thought my right to privacy was being protected … Inherent in the First Amendment is the right to speak anonymously. Shouldn't that right extend to the new public square of the Internet?"
  1. Does she know how to read? The First Amendment is the right of free speech. Not the right to speak anonymously. It doesn't protect you from the consequences of free speech, it just allows you to speak your mind. If you have the balls to say things like you did in the public arena, then have the balls to stand up and take credit for them. This was very clearly personal.
I believe that you can never blame someone for turning you in. If you wanted complete secrecy, then you don't tell anyone, ever. She didn't do anything to protect her privacy so she deserved to be outed and it's not Google's responsibility to protect everyone that uses their services.

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