Sunday, January 24, 2010

Seesmic Look Tries to Take Twitter to the Masses

At this point, just about everyone’s probably heard of Twitter, but as recent stats suggest, far from everyone is using it. Today, Seesmic looks to change that with the launch of a new desktop app dubbed Seesmic Look that comes with Twitter’s blessing, a Microsoft partnership and a bold distribution strategy.

Tweeting’s Not For Everyone

Why don’t some people tweet? Frankly, not everyone has something to say (and many will admit it when asked about Twitter). But with celebrities, media, and brands continuing to flock to Twitter, there’s plenty to watch on the microblogging service. That said, Twitter’s new user experience and interface isn’t the most conducive to an entertainment experience — that’s what Seesmic Look is trying to change.

Seesmic Look Tries to Take Twitter to the Masses

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