Friday, June 12, 2009

How to Integrate your Blog into Facebook

Login to Facebook and click on your Profile tab. Then click on Notes. On the right should be a box to add your RSS feed. According to Facebook, “You can import posts from one external blog so that they appear along with your notes. Facebook will automatically update your notes whenever you write in your blog. Imported blog posts cannot be edited.”


temperance520 said...

And bloggers have another option: Simplaris Blogcast. It is directly linked to your blog, and you can set it so that your Facebook automatically updates Simplaris Blogcast once a day! I use this to get my blog entries on there, because I like the fact that it gives readers the option to go to the blog and read other entries. Does the RSS feed do this too?

kandi111777 said...

Nice job! Anybody else out there have ideas or suggestions?