Friday, June 19, 2009

How to send an email to undisclosed recipients

This may seem pretty straightforward to other people but I figured if I needed to look it up maybe someone else needs the info as well.
  • Launch Outlook 2007, and click the button to create a new email message.

  • In the 'To' address field enter 'Undisclosed Recipients' followed by your e-mail address in braces.

    • For example: 'Undisclosed Recipients'

    • Side note: If you leave the TO: field blank, the email may bounce as some service providers may filter mark the mail as spam.

  • In the BCC field, enter the e-mail addresses of those to whom you are sending the message.

  • Write your message and send your e-mail.
Thank you to Carol's Corner Office at infopackets for the great tips!


Sam said...

These steps don't seem to work when you have Outlook 2007 and Exchange. The "undisclosed recipients" automatically resolves to your e-mail address and that's what shows up to the real recipient(s). It sort of loses its flair when the "undisclosed recipients" doesn't make the cut.

kandi111777 said...

The "undisclosed recipients" should automatically resolve to your email address because that's what you added to the line. The goal is for your recipients not to be able to see each other; not to hide yourself.

I'm sorry that this process didn't get you what you needed. Hopefully you can find something that can.

Sam said...

Oh, if that was the goal, you can just leave the To: line totally blank. Outlook will send to the BCC'd members just fine and display a blank To: line.

kandi111777 said...

If you leave the To: line blank, some email providers will mark it as spam. We want to avoid this as much as possible.

Puma said...

to avoid Outlook's resolving your name, create a contact for your different email account. Example:
Full Name: Undisclosed recipients
File as: Undisclosed recipients
Display as: Undisclosed recipients

Save and close.