Monday, October 4, 2010

2010 HubSpot HUG Conference

So I would say that tonights welcome reception was a huge success. It started off with getting great HubSpot gear that included a couple HubSpot t-shirts and an awesome coffee mug. We were then offered a tour of the new HubSpot facility. When you walk into their building there is a great courtyard area with a skylight that during the day i'm sure lets in wonderful sunlight. They have some walls of their office painted with dry erase paint so you can brainstorm, draw, or write whatever you'd like on the walls.

They have several conference rooms of which any hubspot employee can participate in any meeting. Instead of an org chart they have a huge wall that is an influence chart. It not only connects people who work for each other but it also connects people that influence eachother. They have the developers in a more quiet work zone and a different area for their sales marketing team that tends to a bit more noisy and boistrous. They even have a bocce ball area. This is just the tip of the iceburg but needless to say it's an impressive work environment.

Upon going downstairs to the courtyard they were recording a live broadcast of HubSpot TV where Karen and Mike were able to get some of the guests involved with answering and asking some questions. It was a bit hard to hear at times because of a slight echo but I could tell that they were having a great time. Meanwhile as you can imagine some great networking oportunities were developing as all sorts of marketing industry folks were co-mingling and talking about their experiences with HubSpot and raving about their personal representatives. It is really great to see a company that is so involved with their users/clients and seems to appreciate their input as much as HubSpot. I can't wait to see how the conference goes tomorrow!


Dan Dunn said...

I'm glad you had fun last night. I hope you got even more out of the presentations today!

Laura Smith said...

Thanks for your comment Dan. We really had a great time. I think I definitely learned a lot more about what the HubSpot product can do for our clients.

Kirsten Knipp said...

Thanks Laura!
We loved having you all here with us and are so pumped to make HUG 2011 even better ... with even more awesome networking possibilities:))
Hope day 2 was even better for you!

Laura Smith said...

Hi Kirsten! The vibe I got from everyone at your company is amazing. It really seems like a fun/exciting place to work. We look forward to seeing everything new your company has to offer over the next year.