Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Google Buzz: Ten Pressing Questions - PCWorld

I'm through with declaring any tech product or service to be a "killer" of any other tech product or service. But I will say this: If Twitter is found dead anytime in the next couple of years, someone's going to need to hide Google Buzz, which debuted this morning, from the police.

Google's Buzz seems to have most all the features that Twitter is missing, and Google is clearly going to take advantage of all the benefits of being Google to make it popular -- most notably the inboxes of unspecified millions of Gmail users who'll get Buzz as a service-within-the-service. My impression is that Google really, really wants this to be the dominant service in the still-evolving category of "that thing that Twitter does that doesn't have a good name yet."

Kandi Humpf Contributing Author Search Engine Journal

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