Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Blue Sky Adventures Skydiving - Classic ASP Website - Calendar and Upload Features - Portfolio - K2

Blue Sky Adventures Skydiving website was developed in classic ASP and includes a forum, member login, the ability to upload videos and images, a calendar function, a repack calculator, and the homepage has been translated into Spanish and French.

We chose to translate the homepage into Spanish and French using the information provided by Google Analytics. The majority of visitors were coming from the United States; however, Spain and France were second and third respectively.

The Internet is a global presence and you must think in terms of the whole world when you are building your website. To only plan for English-speaking countries is to shut yourself off from half of the world. The last time I checked, other dollars spend just as easily as the US dollar.

The other major tool on Blue Sky Adventures Skydiving is the parachute repack calculator. According to section 105.43 of the Skydivers Information Manual, the reserve parachute must have been packed within 120 days by a certificated parachute rigger before the date of its use.

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