Friday, August 22, 2008

So far, so good with seo efforts!!

I am so excited!! I've been working on search engine optimization for my website and here are the terms that I'm ranking in Google's Top 100 for:

Keyword Google Rank
accomplishments increase natural traffic 1
increase natural traffic by using local searches 1
k squared online marketing 1
aspx websites using master pages 1
.net master pages meta info 1
meta information in aspx master pages 1
meta information in .net (aspx) websites using master pages 1
increase natural traffic 1
meta information in .net (aspx) 1
keyword selection skydiving 1
keyword selection k2 1
aspx master pages meta info 1
website and application development blog 1
denise valdes report 1
increase natural traffic google 1
keyword selection for increased conversions 2
natural traffic 2
cnyjewelry 3
k squared youtube 3
youtube blue sky adventures 3
.net websites using master pages 3
using youtube as an effective online marketing 4
problems adding meta information 4
using youtube online marketing tool 5
using youtube for seo 6
increase natural traffic from search engines 6
keyword selection accomplishments 8
denise valdes 8
number two spot google 8
youtube keyword suggestion tool 14
skydiving cny 15
using youtube for search engine optimization 33
keyword selection strategy 35
publish search engine optimized press releases 42
youtube skydiving videos 42
using master pages 46
writing search engine optimized press releases 52
youtube skydiving 59
k squared 75
publish optimized press releases 86
tandem skydiving videos on youtube 93

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