Monday, August 25, 2008

Coffee Shops Near Utica, New York

Finding coffee shops near Utica, New York, can be very difficult. We don't have very much nice weather in Upstate New York; and we're always looking for ways to enjoy it as long as possible. The only catch is that they have to offer WiFi. Our favorite is Mojo'z in Clinton; however, the best food is Cafe Florentine in New Hartford. I wish there was a way to combine the two!

I would love it if these coffee shops had a larger Internet presence. The website for Mojoz is really annoying and Cafe Florentine doesn't even have one.

If you go to Mojo'z, try the Dark Roast Coffee; Chicken Caesar Wrap; and Oreo Cake. If you go to Cafe Florentine, try the Regular Coffee; Chicken Caesar Wrap; and Godiva Chocolate Cake. You'll want to hang outside at coffee shops near Utica all night long!

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