Friday, August 15, 2008

Using YouTube For SEO

Using YouTube for SEO or search engine optimization purposes as an effective online marketing tool can benefit your online business in more ways than one. One benefit is to increase natural traffic. Many companies are already using YouTube for search engine optimization.

YouTube offers a unique tool with their "Insight" feature; it includes: Views, Popularity, Discovery, Demographics. Below is a screenshot of some of the information that you can get to determine the quality of your Internet marketing efforts using YouTube for SEO.

Using YouTube for SEO
Screenshot includes "Insight" on the Blue Sky Adventures Skydiving - WSYR Channel 9 Syracuse News

When it comes to keyword selection, YouTube has released its "YouTube Suggest" enhanced search functionality which doubles as an excellent video marketing keyword suggestion tool for doing keyword research on YouTube. Essentially, this feature uses predictive text to display popular query suggestions (in order of search volume) in the YouTube search box.

"The problem with doing [traditional] keyword research for videos ... is that the most popular queries in WordTracker, which takes its data from meta search engines, are not necessarily the most popular queries in YouTube. In fact, in most cases they’re probably entirely dissimilar." said Bryson Meunier.

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