Saturday, October 31, 2009

Search Engine Optimization FAIL: An SEO Horror Story

It’s almost Halloween, kids, so I thought I would share a scary SEO disaster tale to get you in the Halloween spirit. Listen (er, read) closely and be very afraid, as it could happen to you [insert evil witch cackle here].witch

After careful consideration and months of brainstorming and working through ideas, you redesigned your site. It looks so pretty, with all its vivid images and bold colors. It has all the functionality you asked for and it meets all the goals you had for it- except one [this is where the scary, impending doom-type music picks up]. A month after you launched it, your rankings in Google, Yahoo & Bing disappeared. Your site traffic is down and stress is up. People at your organization are asking questions and demanding answers. What the heck happened?!? How can you get your rankings and traffic back?? You’re wishing you could wake up from this horrible nightmare.

OK, are you officially spooked? Well have no fear. I’ve got the steps you will need to take to mitigate this SEO disaster if you ever find yourself in this position.

Search Engine Optimization FAIL: An SEO Horror Story

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